Back to Work Bootcamp

Back to Work Bootcamp

Walk back into the workplace with confidence

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About this course

Our successful Digital Retox course has been renamed, reworked and rebooted and is now our brand new Back to Work Bootcamp, specifically designed to support women on a career break.

This unique learning experience scaffolds study around a practical, hands-on project. This innovative design builds some of the top 21st century skills in demand from employers and provides direct experience of digital tools popular in today’s workplace settings. The project involves developing and refining a product idea for a specific target customer in small project teams, collaborating and communicating using digital tools. This project build the following 21st-century competencies: 

  • Modern workplace communication and collaboration skills

  • User-centred design skills

  • Social media marketing basics 

  • Critical thinking and analytical reasoning 

  • Creativity  

  • Visual communication skills 

  • Video communication skills 

  • Lifelong learning skills 


As well as learning all this you will also be focusing on developing a strong personal brand and a compelling LinkedIn profile so important for finding work in today’s competitive job market. 

And, because we know women can lose confidence when on a career break, we have also developed our own Digital Mums coaching model to offer coach-led all-student sessions and coach-set individual and group exercises and challenges to help you to develop the right mindset and set the right goals to get back into the workplace.

We capture data from our graduates to ensure the Bootcamp is successful and we are very proud of our course outcomes:

  • 93% of graduates improved their awareness and understanding of digital trends

  • 93% of graduates improved their digital confidence

  • 80% of graduates improved their overall digital skills

  • 87% of graduates felt more capable overall

Get in touch to request the brochure with full details on the curriculum as we will be adding more content into this course over the next few weeks.  

Bite-sized & mobile

The course is designed for busy people. The learning resources and activities are bite-sized and manageable and you can fit them in whenever suits you.

An empowering community

You learn in a community made up of women on a career break so you can find your tribe and from day one you work in small project groups, completing challenges and sharing successes along the way.

Real-world challenges

Your learning is structured around a practical, hands-on project that models a real business challenge. You apply your learning in real-time, which means you will be more engaged and more likely to build skills and confidence.

A focus on mindset

This course has three coach-led all-student sessions and individual and group exercises to focus on building the right mindset and setting the right goals to get back into the workplace.

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Digital Mums

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