How Modern Workplaces Work

How Modern Workplaces Work

An introduction to the trends and tools changing the way modern workplaces function

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About this course

This free short course gives you a sneak peak into the modern workplace. We explore the trends and tools that are influencing how companies:

  1. Communicate
  2. Collaborate
  3. Manage teams
  4. Manage customers
  5. Learn 

Course content

How modern workplaces communicate

An introduction

Channel-based chat

Virtual meetings

Is email dead?

How modern workplaces collaborate

An introduction

Collaborative projects

OPTIONAL CHALLENGE | Use Trello for your to-do list

Collaborative documents

OPTIONAL CHALLENGE | Try out a collaborative Google doc

Collaborative project inspo

How modern workplaces manage teams

An introduction

Team productivity

Team capacity

How modern workplaces manage customers

An introduction

Customer support


How modern workplaces learn

An introduction

Learning curation

OPTIONAL CHALLENGE | Become a learning curator

Interactive video

Check out some interactive videos

Knowledge capture and creation

Meet the expert


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