Introduction to Personal Branding

Introduction to Personal Branding

Learn how to craft a strong personal brand to meet your career goals

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When you think of the word ‘brand’ what comes to mind? For most people, they think of a company logo but a company brand is so much more than their logo and how they look. It is the essence of a company - who they are, why do they exist and what you can expect when interacting with them. It is everything someone thinks about in relation to that company. It can be positive like Apple being known for innovation or negative like the Weinstein Company being associated with the sexual harassment of women. It can be something factual like Tiffany jewellery always coming in an egg-blue box or more emotional like Digital Mums being about female empowerment. Brand essence is somewhat intangible, it exists in people’s minds rather than being something concrete like a logo or a product you can see or hold. 

Brands don’t just apply to companies. They also apply to people. Take this free course to learn how this works.

Course content

Understanding personal branding

What is personal branding?

Why is personal branding important?

What is a good personal brand?

How to control your personal brand

What does your online brand say about you?


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roberta louise stringer and 282 others have booked this class


Thanks that was short and efficient and spot on for what I needed. Starting my own business I’m learning along the way and I’m inspired to brush up on all these details to get the best opportunities to promote my Gin through me and the brand I’ve created.

Mrs Nicola S Pattinson

Jade Hampton

Maggie Roxburgh

Really useful introduction and practical review process.

Aliki Currimjee

Thought provoking - made me consider my approach more carefully

Lucy Christides

Lisa Myers

I had never thought about my personal brand before and I am invsible and/or inconsistent online. Good to know and do something about!

Rebecca Sousa

Ainhoa Garcia Fonseca

I'm spanish and I don't have a good english level. I thought it would be more difficult for me to understand the course, but the videos are very clear, I liked them a lot and they are very practical. Thank you for this resource ❤️

Stephanie Thompson


Emma Macfarlane

Really helpful and will hopefully kick me in to touch about finally getting my brand online! Thank you.

Katherine Dyer

Rosaleen Bond

Brilliant Course. Nice short videos with lots of strong content.

Bella Matten

I have a clear understanding now of Personal Branding and tips. This has made me think about various factors and I can't wait to complete the other courses! Thank you

Jennie Powell

Really great and came at a good time.

suni peasgood

It is so helpful to have this broken down into chunks. It all makes complete sense. Thank you!!

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